brandon mechtley

I'm Brandon Mechtley. I like to make and listen to noise and silence. I like to think about things like mindful computing, experiential communication, listening styles and practice, small data, and information discovery. I have two cats with whom I telepathically communicate. I'm a licensed pope.

I'm currently working on a feature-matching granular synthesizer that spews out tiny grains of sound that match spectral features of another sound (such as a voice) in realtime. I also have an ongoing soundscape mapping project that allows users to scrub across a map of GPS paths to dynamically morph between field recordings. For some other sound maps, check out this list.

I recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a concentration in Arts, Media, and Engineering from Arizona State University, where I wrote a thesis titled "Techniques for Soundscape Retrieval and Synthesis." I also worked a bit on interactive tools for searching for environmental sounds with some fine folks at the Centre for Digital Music. I go on a lot about something called acoustic ecology, so I've been helping out a bit with the ASAE, the US affiliate of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.